8 December 2023
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Observer with VAT Energy

What is Observer ?

Observer is an energy monitoring and management system.

Energy monitoring and management systems are the tools preferred by businesses to monitor their energy usage in real time 7 x 24 and to use it optimally to save money and increase efficiency.

Establishment of “Energy Monitoring Systems” is a necessity in order to monitor energy consuming systems and the factors affecting the consumption of these systems and to draw conclusions and to support continuous improvement studies.

24/7 Energy Monitoring and Management Software

Now, it’s time to transition from studies that evolve into long-term scenarios with short measurements to real scenarios where instant data is analyzed 7 days and 24 hours with OBSERVER! Wouldn’t you like a software that tells you about your energy efficiency projects with continuous energy audit of your facilities, gives you continuous reports and lists savings potentials?

OBSERVER at a Glance

  • It is energy monitoring and management software.
  • It monitors consumptions such as Electricity, Natural Gas, Coal, Heating, Cooling, Compressed air, Steam, Hot water.
  • It can generate Energy reports in Instant, Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly formats.
  • It detects anomalies in consumption.
  • It warns you with an alarm.
  • It enables planning for future energy use and cost savings.
  • It provides monitoring from a single platform for all energy types.
  • It supports the ISO 50001 Energy management quality system and keeps records.
  • It can compare many data at the same time in one graph.
  • Provides energy saving suggestions.
  • It creates personal and corporate-specific interfaces with the interchangeable dashboard.
  • Prepares reports suitable for all levels.
  • Makes department-based internal invoicing.
  • Calculates and compares your energy density by integrating with production software.
  • It conducts energy studies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An Innovative Management System

We know that uncontrolled and unmanaged energy will weaken the global competition system. We bring our 20 years of experience in industrial facilities and commercial buildings to a whole new level with the Observer Energy Monitoring and Management Software in order to monitor and analyze energy and reduce costs. We respond to the needs by combining over 2000 facility inspections, over 300 energy studies, over 200 energy efficiency projects, over 100 energy consultancy experience with our software and automation experience in the energy sector for many years. Considering the needs of the consumer and taking into account the competitive conditions, we combine the opportunities that will enable you to get ahead in an energy monitoring and management system, and we present Observer to your attention.

With the wishes and expectations of managers and technical business people, we are establishing a system that will both reduce the burden on them and reduce their costs by controlling their energy. We combine our future vision and dreams with sustainable goals for a cleaner and more livable world.

Observer Product Features

  • Clear and Simple Graphics
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Consumption Reporting
  • Efficiency Advice
  • Planning
  • Monitoring from a Single Platform
  • ISO-50001
  • Real time

About VAT Enerji

VAT ENERJİ is an authorized Energy Efficiency Consulting (authorized EVD) company that provides 360° energy efficiency services and productivity-enhancing solutions in industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

VAT ENERJİ, which aims to reduce energy costs without compromising the production quality and comfort conditions of enterprises, carries out successful projects by approaching the production and consumption of energy with a “maximum efficiency” perspective.

VAT ENERJİ, which is the only EVD company in our country that provides “360° Energy Efficiency” service; provides services to hundreds of businesses in the fields of energy audits, energy monitoring, ISO 50001, energy efficiency consultancy, financing and project implementation.

VAT ENERGY will be your best solution partner for your business with its expert engineer staff, international business partners serving in energy efficiency and energy engineering.

Our company, within the scope of the Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627 dated 18 April 2007 and the Regulation on Increasing Efficiency in the Use of Energy Resources and Energy; has been authorized until 25/05/2022 to provide Survey, Project and Consultancy Services in the field of energy efficiency.