8 December 2023
Anasayfa » Ventilation



If a closed environment is exposed to intense air pollution and unhealthy air conditions, the systems that are effective in providing clean air to this environment are called ventilation systems. It would be correct to say that there are many types of ventilation systems and different working principles. In general, the usage environment and the purpose of use in ventilation systems are known as the most important factor in determining the system.

Ventilation systems are designed to remove unwanted pollutants (or “exhaust”) by moving a certain amount of air at a certain speed. All ventilation systems basically follow the same principles; however, a separate system design should be made for each workplace, according to the type of work and the pollutant rate in the workplace.

With Ventilation Systems;

  • Continuous supply of fresh air, continuous renewal of ambient air
  • Keeping temperature and humidity at comfort level
  • Reducing fire and explosion hazards
  • Elimination or dilution of contaminants
  • In many cases, it is aimed to keep the environment under negative pressure (vacuum ventilation) or positive pressure (pressure ventilation) against environments or outside air in order to prevent the formation of undesirable air currents in the environment (for example, the spread of bad smells).