11 December 2023
Anasayfa » Heating



Heating one or more volumes to the desired temperature and keeping them stable at this temperature; The facilities that perform these operations are also called heating systems.

The need for warming arose from the need to establish a heat exchange balance with the heat exchange between the human body and its environment and to provide a thermal comfort environment.

Thermal comfort conditions in buildings where people live or work are important in terms of efficient working and health. Today, thermal comfort is necessary not only for people but also for all sensitive devices and machines.

Humans are physiologically suitable for tropical climatic conditions. In order for a person to live comfortably and safely, the ambient temperature must be at a certain value. This value varies between 15 °C and 27 °C. Since the outside temperature drops a lot in winter, the environments need to be heated.


Heating systems are generally divided into three main groups.

1.Central heating (Under building heating)

2.Single heating (Floor and villa heating)

District heating (Remote heating)

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