11 December 2023
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What is Electro Static Filter ?

Electrostatic filters are used in food plants and industrial plants to filter the gases formed during the manufacturing stages.

  • Barbecues,
  • Grills,
  • Ovens,
  • Kitchens,
  • Dining halls,
  • Industrial presses,
  • Laser cutting machines,
  • Welding machines,
  • Injection machines,
  • Digital printing centers,
  • Printing houses,
  • All industrial machinery,
  • Laboratories,
  • Smoking Rooms etc. They are used in all machines and areas where smoke is not desired.

Electrostatic filters, which are made of metal material and have a special design, work with the principle of capturing the charged particles in the air by the plates with the electrostatic attraction force, taking advantage of the high voltage field created between the plates. Particle capture capacity is very high.

It gives high voltage units the ability to capture particles to electrostatic filters. These units, which operate in the range of 12 – 18 kV, provide the planned voltage between the plates.

ESP Filter for AHU

What is the Working Principle ?

The polluted air drawn by the fan passes through the washable metal pre-filter. This filter traps coarse dust and oil particles. Then, the oil, smoke and soot in the air coming to the electrostatic filter, which works according to the principle of ionizing the particles, are negatively charged by the high voltage charge. As the negatively charged polluted air passes through the positively charged area in the second stage, the oil, smoke and soot particles in the air are strongly attracted by the collector plates and adhered to the filter surface. The air that enters the electrostatic filter as dirty comes out cleaned.

Normal bag filters rely on filter media to ‘catch’ particles larger than the gap between the media as they pass through material. Instead of filtration media, Electrostatic Filters use an Ionizing effect to attract positively charged particles to a negatively charged Anode plate.

When the particle makes its way through the AHU, it eventually reaches the first stage of the electrostatic filter, which is a positive Ionizing field. Whilst positively charged, the particle continues to move through to the second stage to a negatively charged anode plate. This is where the particle becomes attracted to the plate and ‘sticks’ to collector, eventually dropping into the collector tray.

This process gives the air handling unit the ability to filter extremely small particle sizes, greatly improving the filter efficiency compared to bag filters and most importantly, improving the overall air quality. This is all achieved with a 150 mm deep filter assembly, that simply replaces bag filters.

You can use it for years by cleaning the dirty electrostatic filters. Electrostatic filters are up to 99% efficient at filtering fumes.

Crsytall 150 Explosion parts


  • 70% reduction in pressure drop versus a traditional bag filter
  • 97% Filter efficiency capable of filtering 0,01 um particles (nano particles)
  • Filters several different types of microbes and bacteria
  • Proven to filter 88% of E.coli particles, allowing for a benchmark for other types of particles
  • For energy saving, requires demand ventilation control such as VFD Fans or EC Fans
  • Allows a reduction in fan speed for the same airflow
  • No requirement to change or repurchase filters, washable solution

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