11 December 2023
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What is Tube Fan Air Duct ?

Fantubes are among the products that are considered suitable and frequently seen in construction areas and construction sites. These products, which provide the ventilation requirement especially for tunnel works, are preferred in various excavation and construction areas and continue to contribute to the efficiency of the project. Composed of different construction and insulation materials, the fantube is produced in order to meet the ventilation requirements and environment of the building or excavation at high levels and at high quality.

These products, with their durable and robust structures, play an important role in the tunnel construction phases, while working towards the ventilation need of the space. Apart from this, it is striking that it is also used within the framework of other construction sites, construction sites and excavation works and provides ventilation. Its technical features take shape according to needs and requests, and production becomes reality in this sense. Although there are fantube products produced with fire-resistant materials, production is also carried out in various sizes and dimensions. In general, although normal and spiral tubes stand out, materials and properties vary.

The fantube, which seems likely to be used in construction sites, especially in construction sites where tunnel work is carried out, contributes to the structure by creating a ventilation system and supports the construction site. Even a flame retardant fan tube is created by going into production in line with the modified materials. These requirements, which are shaped in line with the needs of the construction site and the construction site or the building, determine how the fantube production will be.

This product group, which is necessary for tunnel works, comes first in meeting the need for high levels of ventilation. The combination of its durable structure and solid materials is one of the features that increase the reliability of the product. Fantube, in which materials such as PVC coating and polyester are used, are put into production in different units and values. The tubes, which are produced with very strong resistance to tearing and pulling action, are intended to meet the ventilation need in a high quality manner.

The fan tube, which is needed to be produced and used within the framework of tunnel works or excavation works, has recently been used especially in the construction areas where tunnels will be made and serves by meeting the ventilation need. These tubes, which are produced in line with the principles such as high quality and high durability, are produced in various sizes, while providing flame and fire resistance with some additional features. Although there are cloths used in their production, these cloth types are changed according to need and demand.

These tube systems, produced with PVC coatings, are also supported by materials such as polyester. The fantube, which is generally produced in two different ways, is also brought into different forms with add-ons and continues to meet the needs in this direction. These products, which have high durability, are produced from reliable materials and used in this sense, as they will be used for ventilation purposes. Fantube, one of the number one products of tunnel works, is included in production in different sizes and in different sizes.

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